What to do with Paper Flowers

The trend for paper flowers has been on going for quite a while now and only seems to be growing. I personally love fresh flowers, but can barely keep them alive, so the concept of paper flowers is fairly appealing to me. Aside from the fact that they won’t die, if self-made can add a sense of quirkiness to the decor of the house.

However, for most people the use of paper flowers don’t extend far past flowers in a pot and one may be left thinking “what to do with paper flowers?”. They can be used to decorate just about anything, but getting the look right yourself can be difficult.

Here is a round up of a inspirational pictures of paper flowers. Some of these are other projects as well so that’s very useful 🙂

Click on the images or credit links below the images to head to the respective websites.


1. Decorated Archway

This image was taken from a someone’s bridal shoot and the flowers were provided by Balushka, an Etsy store.

Credit: Shop Ruche Blog, Elisheva Golani Photography, Balushka Etsy Shop


2. A full wall of flowers

This was taken from Dream Create and is a diy post showing how to make all the flowers shown in the image below. Fill an entire wall!

This would be great feature wall for your personal room or a backdrop for  a wedding or baby shower.

Credit: www.dreamcreate.ca

3. Wall Hanging Garland

This is a tutorial project done by A Subtle Revelry.

Credit: A Subtle Revelry Blog


4. Chandelier

With that metallic paper and some lighting, this project would light up the area ever so nicely. The full tutorial can be found from Lia Griffith’s website.

Credit: Lia Griffith

5. Curtains or semi-opaque wall

Great as an art piece, a curtain on the window, a wall hanging or even a room separator. This one has so many functions!

This is also a tutorial so check it out.

Credit: Style Me Pretty

6. Decorated Lamp

A simple idea, revamp an affordable lamp with paper flowers of your choice.

Credit: gluearts.blogspot

7. Flower Hats

When fashion decides you should have massive flowers covering your head wear!

flower hats


8. Floral Headband

Lana looking lovely as ever. This would be a great idea for any summer festival.

lana flower head gear

Lana Del Rey

9. Floral Hair Garland

Just to get that mystical pixie look.

pom pom paper flower hair garland


10. Floral Letter Decor Pieces

This is from Hello Charlotte James. She makes custom decor pieces from her Etsy shop!

Credit: Hello Charlotte James


I couldn’t find the source for some of these images, namely the ones featuring head pieces. But for everything else, the images have been credited accordingly and if you like them, check them out!

There really are just so many inspiring images and projects out there and these are just some of the ones I really liked. I hope they help you with deciding what to do with paper flowers!

 Also I can’t help but to remind you of my own projects that may have inspired this post.


Paper Flower Fairy lights

Didn’t have space or the money to get a Chrsitmas tree, so I made this instead!
fairy light christmas tree4

My Paper flower tree from last Christmas!

 DIY Paper flowers

The tutorial to making your own paper flowers!

paper flower pompom2

And the tutorial to making those flowers on my Christmas tree!


LOve <3