DIY Drape Top

diy hi low drape top5

I have seen so many variations of these kinds of tops over the last couple of years. It seems that the big, oversized drape look isn’t going anywhere and I’m not complaining about it 😉

When styled properly I find these kinds of tops super comfy and flattering. Another bonus is the simplicity of the shape that allows many DIY possibilities. The pattern that I have provided below is a very simple variation of my diy drape top. I am thinking about making another one with more drape and more swish. All it takes is a slight change in the pattern and I’ll have it, but that’s for another post.


  • 1.5m – 2m knit fabric
  • pins
  • sewing machine
  • scissors

diy hi low drape top2


Instruction Layout - diy drape top

1. Measure out your body piece – 80cm x 1.5m (at least)

2. Measure out your sleeve pieces – 30cm x x25cm (x2)

3. Sew your sleeves to your main body piece as shown above.

4. Fold the entire piece in half across the sleeves and sew as shown above.

5. Cut out your neck line and hem.

6. Cut your bottom line in the shape you would like.

Hem sleeves and bottom if you like but I left mine raw.


diy hi low drape top3

diy hi low drape top6

diy hi low drape top4

Another super simple project for a novice sewer!

LOve <3




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