DIY Neoprene Bralet with Braided Racer Back

diy neoprene bralet braided back2As promised, here is a variation of the original diy neoprene bralet.

I didn’t alter the pattern much, I just changed the upper back piece to a U-shape rather than a T-Shape so that I could add a little braided flare to the neoprene bralet hanging3

You can find how to make your own pattern for this bralet to fit you from the previous post: DIY neoprene bralet

Once you’ve gotten that, havea  look at the instructions below for construction.

Instructions: Construction

Instruction Layout - braided racer back bralet

1. Cut out all the pieces from your original pattern. With the changes to the upper back piece  of course. 

2. Sew the back pieces to the front piece with the right sides facing each other.

3. Fold all the edges back and pin them down.

Be careful when doing the round edges on the neck, this can be quite annoying because of the excess fabric.

4. Hem all the edges in place.

This actually creates a fully wearable halter-neck piece in itself, but I wanted to add a little extra to it for aesthetics and support.

After this step, make your braiding straps. The tutorial for this and the braiding part is shown below.

5. Attach the straps to the upper back piece (neck piece), and braid as shown in the instructions below.

6. Attach the braid to the lower back piece after adjusting it’s length.

So here is how I made the straps and created the 4-strand braid. You can have as many strands as you want actually and you can make this back piece quite large if you like. The technique to creating a 5, 6 or 7 strand braid is done in the same way.

Instructions: Braided Racer Back

Instruction Layout - 4 strand braid

1. Cut out 4 pieces of fabric. 4cm x 40cm approximately.

I used 50cm, but it was definitely far too long. 

2. Fold the long edges in towards the middle so it is half the original width (2cm) and the edges meet at the middle. Then fold it in half again so it is a quarter of the original width (1cm) and there are no open edges, then pin along the whole strap.

Repeat this to all the other pieces.

3. Using a zig zag stitch, sew along the entire strap.

Repeat this for all the other straps.

4. Attach all 4 straps to the center of the upper back piece (neck piece).

5. Start the braid from the left side with the furthest left strap. Bring it over the second strap, under the third and over the fourth.

6. Now using the now furthest left strap (which was originally the second strap), bring it under the now second strap, over the third and under the fourth.

7. Now using the now furthest left strap (which was originally the third strap), repeat step 5. You should now be able to see the braid forming.

Repeat steps 6 and 5 until the braid is long enough. 

8. Sew the end of the straps together.

This is to stop it from moving while you attach the bottom edge of the braid to the lower back piece of the bralet.

diy neoprene bralet hanging2diy neoprene bralet hanging6diy neoprene bralet braided back

And there you have it!

Again I repeat, you can make many variations from this pattern. I didn’t change it much for this version, but you can defintely add lining and padding and change the back or the front shape using your original pattern.

Also if you are looking for the original pattern or am wondering what pattern I used, here is the previous related post.

LOve <3



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    1. Hi Karissa,

      No any sort of stretch fabric will do. But a thicker, sturdier fabric would make it easier. The thinner the fabric, the more fiddly it is to work with. I just recommend neoprene because its so thick that you don’t really need lining, but can add it if you really want.


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