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harem pants2I’ve always thought that harem pants just make you look like you’ve pooped yourself. But as the years went by, and the trend stayed with multiple variations popping up all over the place, the more I thought harem pants were a good idea haha. Mostly because they just look so damn comfy. So I figured I’d give it a shot for some home harem sweat pants.

harem pants7

I made my own pattern from some shorts I had which you can do youself as well. Since these pants are super baggy, it leaves a lot of room for experiment and screwing up. I made sure the shorts I used were quite loose to get a comfortable width.

diy harem sweat pants diagram

 Fabric amount: 1 meter (this may be a little more depending on your height)

Note: There are only 2 pieces of fabric here (not 4) because I folded the fabric so that I didn’t have to sew the outer leg seam.

I then altered the waist to match my hips exactly so that I could use a stretch fabric. As you can see above, the harem pants are quite a bit larger than the original shorts i’ve used.

So here I’ve shown the measurements I took based off one leg. Remember that this is one piece for one leg, but the measurement is for when it is folded in half.

A: Waist measurement

A = (waist/4) + seam allowance

The measurement I used for a 28″ / 66cm waist is:

(66cm / 4) + 2cm = 18.2cm

so A = 18.2cm

B: Butt/crotch width

I used the measurement from the shorts. This was approximately 25cm for me.

C: Leg opening 

I made this approimately 12cm.

The size of this will change your design. If you have a wider leg opening, there will be more poof when you sew in the cuff.

D: Length

I made this 80cm because I was going to add a waist and leg cuffs.

E: This is the rise of the pants. As you can see above, it is higher than the shorts I chose to take the pattern from. 

I made this approximately 35cm. Again, this doesn’t have to be so low or you can make it even lower. But make sure it is lower than a normal pair of shorts which is usually 15-20cm.

diy harem sweat pants diagram2

The curves are all approximate. Like I mentioned before, this is a very rough pattern and as long as your fabric is soft and drapey and you’ve made things a little bit oversized, you won’t have much to worry about how things are going to look.

Once you have this pattern made, you can start construction.

DIY harem pants instructions

1. Cut out your pattern.

2. Sew the inner leg seams, right sides facing each other.

3. Turn one leg right side out and place it into the other leg, right sides facing each other. Sew the crotch and butt seam together.

4. Attach the waist and legg cuffs.

Of course before you start step 4 you will have to make the waist and cuffs.

The waist should be a little smaller than your actual waist or hips (depending on where you want the pants to sit).

I made both the waist and leg cuffs the same way I always add my waists to my stretch circle skirts, like here, here and here.

The decision to add elastic to the waist band is up to you. I did it with this pair of sweats due to the fabric type, but I didn’t do it with another pair I made earlier with a more swim like fabric. It totally depends on how elastic the fabric you’ve chosen to use is.

harem pants4

harem pants3

So there it is! I hope I didn’t over complicate an easy project. Just remember that these are meant to be baggy and small mistakes can’t be seen on this type of  pants πŸ˜‰

I have also decided that harem pants are super comfy to pole dance in and can look pretty nice as well, so I’ve included the image below to show how good they look with stripper heels!

harem pants5

In case you were wondering, yes that bralet is also a DIY and if you’re wondering how you can make yourself one, have a look at my bralet DIY project!

LOve <3




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  1. hi thanks for this pattern! I will try it the next days. Maybe its an idea to upload the pattern on scale in a pdf format so we can print it? Measuring is such a long way.
    Anyway thanks! It looks great on the pictures and you are right. I wasnt a fan of these pants before, but like this i totally dig them!


    1. I have considered uploading the pattern, but I figured that everyone is a different size so it would be better for you to experiment a little and figure out the sizing and cut that would suit you πŸ™‚ let me know how your pants turn out!!

  2. Awesome!! I’ve seen a bunch of tutorials on these, all with different fabrics. This is probably my favorite one, I love the way they hang. How do you hang on to the pole with sweats on though? haha xo

    1. aw thanks Angie! haha there are limited moves I can do when wearing them. But they’re great for warm up though!

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