DIY Cross Back Bralet

neoprene cross back bralet3

I’ve gone a little bralet crazy ever since creating that first DIY Bralet pattern. As I promised in the previous bralet post, here is another variation! It is still made from neoprene, just because it really is the best fabric to use for this type of preoject. Stiff so sewing is easy and stretchy so it’s super comfy.

neoprene cross back bralet4

This one based off the same pattern, with a few alterations. Instead of the high neck line and complete front coverage like the other bralets I’ve made, this one has a low V neck line and has a cross back feature.

diy cross back bralet pattern

As you can see, I’ve used the same pattern that I made before. The difference here is that I am not using the neck piece and have just extended the straps from the front piece. I have also cut into the middle of the front piecde to create a V-neck line.

Aside from the straps and neckline, everything is the same.
diy cross back bralet

Now that you have all the pieces, just construct and seam the edges. Simple!

Also if you are wondering how much fabric to use, you will know this once you’ve drafted your pattern. But generally I would buy half a meter and would be able to make about 3 bralets from that.

Instruction Layout - CROSS BACK BRALET

1. Place the front and back piece right sides facing each other and sew the side seams.

2. Seam the top edge. Start from one strap to the other.

3. Seam the neck line. Again starting from one strap to the other.

4. Attach the straps in a cross shape to the back piece and finish off the bottom seam.

Once you have the pattern that you desire, these bralets will become easier and easier to make!

neoprene cross back bralet2

I’ve already experimented with some colour blocking in this particular pattern with the mint and black neoprene. Unfortunately I think the outcome was a little speedo-swimwear-esque, so I didn’t quite like it. But it functions as it should though and I’d still wear it for pole dance practice when I feel like having a rather sporty attire.

neoprene cross back bralet6

There might be more variations to come when I’ve come up with a colour blocking pattern I like or if there is another cut out style I decide I must have 🙂

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