DIY Floral Shorts

floral shorts 1

I haven’t made DIY shorts in the longest time. Mostly because I lived in my beloved distressed denim shorts for most of the last 2 years in Malaysia, and the need for shorts in Norway is pretty much nil. But now IT’S SUMMER! So my inner summer DIY gnome has awoken 😉

(This post is clearly a couple of months too late as we’re coming to Summer’s end here in Norway)

Anyways, the way that I make shorts is incredible simple because I don’t bother with the proper front and back. I always use the same pattern from  a pair of shorts I own, and you can do the same.

As long as the shorts are loose fitting, there shouldn’t be a need to differentiate the front and back crotch.


  • 1 meter or half a meter  of fabric (depending on your size)
  • Sewing machine
  • Elastic band
  • Pins

Drafting your shorts pattern:

I used the same method in a previous DIY for lace shorts and this is going to exxactly the same, but simpler since there is no lining.

This is very simple, just get a pair of shorts you have, preferable a stretchy waist one, since that’s what we’re going to be making.

1. Trace the crotch (A) and the inner leg seam (E)

2. Then stretch the shorts waist to get the full waist length (B)

3. Now you can Figure out how long you want your shorts to be (C)

You should now end up with something like the picture below.


What I have here is the shape of the final shorts, i.e. this is the exact length I want the shorts and this should fit my waist exactly.

So what this means is when I draft this onto my final fabric, I will have to add additional length to the top (B) and bottom (F) for the waist band and the hem and also seam allowances at the crotch (A) and side seams (C and E).

Once you’ve done all that, just double check the rise of the shorts (D) is where you want it to be then proceed.

Cutting your fabric pieces:

Below is how I cut out the fabric from the pattern I made.

I folded the fabric so I only had to cut twice and not four times.

As you can see I added some fabric to the top of the pattern for the waist band, and also the bottom for the hem.

I should have added seam allowances for the crotch and inner side seam, but I kinda forgot. Thankfully, The pair of shorts I had were quite loose so it still worked out.

Cutting out shorts pieces

Now that you have all your pieces, we can construct the final product 🙂


diy shorts instructions

1. Cut out your pieces

2. Sew the inner leg seam of both sides.

3. Turn one side right side out and slip it into the other leg, pin the crotch together and sew the seam.

4. Fold the top over twice the width of your chosen elastic. Sew in place and leave a gap.

5. Measure out your elastic and thread it through the gap of the waist with a safety pin. Sew together and close up the gap.

6. Hem the short legs.


Having this pattern is great so I can make as many pairs of shorts as I need!

Also this pattern can be altered to make high waisted shorts or even super drapey and poofy shorts. (which I have done and you will see soon ;))

LOve <3