DIY: Propagating Pothos Plant (Money Plant)

propogated pathos or money plant 23I’ve caught a bit of a green bug and have found myself wanting to propagate (or clone) all the plants in the apartment. Here I will show you how easy it is to propagate Pothos plants, also known as a Money plant in Asia.

You need to firstly, take cuttings off an existing money plant.

Keep in mind:

  1. Make the cuts right above a root node.
  2. Make sure that there are still leaves attached the cuttings

I’ve tried to root cutting with no leaves and it just doesn’t work.

Now you can either stick the cuttings straight into soil or root them in water first. When rooting in soil you can just stick the cuttings in bottom first or use the lay down method where you have a very long cutting and just lay it down into the soil. Some people prefer the lay down method as more roots grow from one cutting.

Below is how I did the rooting in water.

propogated pathos or money plant in water

Money plant in jars of water after 2 weeks.

Leave the cuttings in jars of water on a window sill where it will get plenty of sunlight without getting scorched.

propogated pathos or money plant roots

Here is a close up of a rooted cutting above.

Note where I’ve made the cut so that the cutting has a few nodes on the stem, these nodes are where the roots will grow from.

Now that the roots are nice and long, about an inch or two, I figured I wanted to pot them into soil.

It is completely fine to keep them growing in water, and they will continue to grow like this as long as you change the water regularly. With growing them in water, the growth is much slower and the stems will be thinner compared to if they were transplanted into soil.

propogated pathos or money plant potted

Here I’ve filled a pot with a little soil before sticking the cuttings into the pot and then filling the rest of the pot with more soil.

propogated pathos or money plant

This plant is fairly indestructable and I’ve found that it can be potted into most soil types. I’ve potted some into cactus soil, some into compost rich soil and some into a mixture.

So it’s really that simple!

LOVe <3