DIY Beaded Wrap Bracelet

bead wrap bracelet3I created a beaded wrap bracelet project like this ages ago, but sadly a heap of my craft materials and finished projects were stolen during my move from Australia to Malaysia so I was left without half of my creations 🙁

But since I had the oppotunity to get more beads and craft materials recently, my first thought was to create another one of these bracelets!

The method is very simple and once you get the hang of threading the first few beads, you’ll be able to whip one of these up real quick.


If you don’t want to use wire, thread is also a good option. You can even get creative with some metallic thread!

I got all my items for this project from Panda hall.


instruction - bead wrap bracelet

bead wrap bracelet2

bead wrap bracelet4

And there you have it!

If this tutorial is confusing in anyway just send me a shout out and I’ll try and clarify things for you 🙂

LOve <3