DIY Stretch Bead Bracelet

stretch bead bracelet feature

This stretch bead bracelet is super easy to make and the great thing is that the variations are endless. I’ve made some of these before, but I wasn’t too happy with the outcome. Mostly because the beads I used were just not that great. With the right beads, you can make something really simple into a really pretty addition to your wardrobe.

All you need is:

I got most of my items from Pandahall except for the glue which I got from Clas Ohlsen. The specific items have been linked for your convenience.

If you’re looking on Pandahall some of these pyrite beads or wooden beads would go pretty well together too 🙂


  1. Measure you wrist and cut a piece of elastic a little larger so you have plenty extra to work with
  2. Thread beads onto the elastic in any desired pattern
  3. Tie a double know
  4. Add a spot of glue to the knot and let it dry
  5. Trim excess elastic.

stretch bead bracelet

stretch bead bracelet3

stretch bead bracelet4

Don’t mind my chalky hands, I made this after I went climbing and clearly couldn’t get all the chalk off!

stretch bead bracelet feature2

But isn’t this just so simple? There are so many projects you could do with stretch elastic, simple or complex. Here is a more complex project I did with some miyuki beads I got off Ebay for those that perhaps want a little challenge: Stretch Beaded Cuff

LOve <3



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