DIY Stretch Bead Tassle Bracelet

diy stretch bead tassle bracelet feature2Stretch bracelets are easy to make and wear, this gives them a A++ in my books! So here I’ve created something inspired by what’s been circulating around pinterest for quite a while now. Something simple with a little extra sprucing, I’ve chosen to go towards a mellowed out Halloween theme with girly colours, pearls and a single skull bead as a feature.

Anyways, here is where you can learn to make your own stretch bracelet in a previous post.

DIY Simple Stretch Bead Bracelet. It’s a really easy 3 step process that just needs your desired beads, some stretch elastic and a little super glue or multi-purpose glue.

Once you have your base bracelet done, you’ll need some embroidery thread in your desired colour scheme and a little glue (super or multi-purpose).

I got all my materials from Pandahall.

diy stretch bead tassle bracelet tools

And below you’ll find a quick and simple tutorial to making the tassle part of the bracelet and how to attach it.


instructions - diy stretch bead tassle bracelet

1. Cut out 5-10 strands of embroidery thread about 50cm-60cm in length in your desired colours. Fold all the threads as a single entity twice.

2. Take a single piece of thread and tie everything together in the middle. Tie a double knot.

3. Attach the tassle to the bracelet using the same single thread. Tie a double knot.

4. Fold down and smooth out the tassle threads to form a bunch. Cut another single piece of thread.

5. Tie the single thread around the tassle bunch near the top.

6. Wrap the single thread around the tassle bunch as shown above.

7. Add a little glue to the ends of the wrapped thread to keep it in place.

8. Trim off the ends of the tassle and adjust the length to your liking.

diy stretch bead tassle bracelet feature3

And there you have it!

Another idea is instead of having a tassle (as much fun as it is to make it), you could have a pendant in it’s place as a dangley stretch bead tassle bracelet

LOve <3



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