DIY Chain Bead Elastic Bracelet

chain bead stretch bracelet final3Here is another super simple project for those that want to make stuff but to do it quick!

This chain bead elastic bracelet is easy to take on and off and allows for so much variation to your personal taste.


chain bead stretch bracelet materials


All materials are from Pandahall except for the glue.

You could use other chain types as well or have multiple chains instead of one! you could even include embellishments like rings inbetween the beads and chains 😉


chain bead stretch bracelet

Cut your chain to the desired length (half your wrist circumference) and cut a long piece of elastic. Thread the elastic through the chain.

chain bead stretch bracelet2

Start threading beads through the elastic.

chain bead stretch bracelet3

Thread beads up to the desired size. Thread the other side of the elastic through the other side of the chain.
chain bead stretch bracelet4

Tie a knot and dab  little glue on the knot. Snip off excess.

And there you have it! Super simple!

chain bead stretch bracelet final2

LOve <3