DIY T-Back Bralet – lined and padded


bralets10Here is another variation of the previous lined and padded bralet I posted a couple of months back. I got into a massive sewing streak in the last few months just making bralets and testing out patterns and sizing.

Previously, I posted these simple bralet tops:

all of which are unlined and had no padding except for this latest high neck one.

Like I mentioned in the earlier post, I took the pattern from my very first Neoprene bralet where the pattern was drawn from an existing sports bra. I tend to make a new bra every time I have a new idea for the neck line or straps.


  • main fabric – neoprene or thick stretch fabric
  • lining fabric – I used a thin stretch dance fabric
  • padding – can be bought on ebay if you can’t find it at your local fabric store
  • sewing machine – no need for an overlocker/serger 😉
  • other bits and bobs – thread, pins, ruler, marking chalk and sisccors

When choosing fabric, you have to pick something stretch and try to pick out something thicker, it makes construction way easier 😉


Instructions - lo top t back bralet

  1. Make pattern. Use an existing sports bra or stretch crop top. Outline it and add 1cm for allowance. Make it a little bigger rather than smaller so that you can make adjustments later. I would make a test piece with cheaer fabric first to make sure the pattern is exactly as you like it.
  2. Outline and cut out pattern from main fabric and lining. Also cut out straps for main fabric. This pattern includes the need for a waist bit of fabric too which is not included in this picture because I totally forgot about it until it was time to make the hem!
  3. Close up the backs of the main body and the lining individually.
  4. Make straps. Fold each strap piece in half (right sides facing each other) and pin in place.
  5. Starting with the vertical piece that will run along your spine, sew the edge using a zigzag stich, turn it right side out and zigzag stitch along the seam edge for a cleaner look.
  6. Do the same with the horizontal piece that will run along your neck, but leave a gap in the middle. This is where the vertical piece will be slotted in. Once it has been turned right side out, place the vertical piece into the gap, pin in place and sew across the seam edge of the horizontal piece.
  7. Attach straps to main fabric in the correct locations.
  8. Place main fabric and lining right sides facing each other, pin and sew along all edges except the bottom. This can be done in a regular straight stitch.
  9. Turn piece right side out, insert padding and hand sew padding in place to the lining fabric. This step is optional. But it is recommended as the padding tends to move around after washing.
  10. Now make the waist. Sew the waist together right sides facing each other.
  11. Fold the waist and pin everything in place.
  12. Attach the waist to the main body using the zigzag stitch.

bralets8 bralets9

If you’re wondering where to get ideas for tops or bras like these, generally looking online is a good place to start. I would usually have a look on big sites that sell multiple brands like Asos or Revolve. Looking through the swimwear, activewear and lingerie sections are pretty good bets. Some lovely designers to scroll through are, Mikoh, Mara Hoffman, Alo, Alala, Pacific Driftwood, Vitamin A, Luli Fama



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  1. Love it! I have yet to do a project with lining and padding, mostly because I’m intimidated by it, but this tutorial gives me a little confidence to try it out.

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