DIY Off Shoulder Top – made from an existing men’s shirt

off shoulder plaid top6One of my best friends had an idea for an off the shoulder top DIY project. Now, I am not usually drawn to this style of clothing, but for some reason (probably due to the bombardment of this top style in my Pinterest feed) I decided it would be a great transformation piece!

We (hubby and me) did a little wardrobe expulsion cleaning and he had a heap of flannel shirts that needed to be tossed. I found one in a colour I liked (the one I used to steal when it was stupidly cold in the apartment) and decided it would be perfect for this project.

So off I went and created this lovely piece. It’s not perfect. There is something about it that I’m not completely satisfied with, it may be the sleeve or the bottom hem. But for a first time project, I am pretty happy with the results.

So here is how I went about creating it.

You will need a shirt, a sewing machine and some elastic.


Instruction Layout - off the shoulder top

  1. Start off with a men’s shirt.
  2. Chop off the top.
  3. Chop off the bottom.

Now you can either use the bottom bit you just cut off to make the elasticated bits or choose to use a different fabric. I chose to use the same fabric so there would be minimal wastage. I had JUST enough. If you are reusing the bottom like I have, continue to step 4, otherwise get your other fabric ready and move on to step 6. Make sure you have enough fabric for this part.

4. Cut off the button bits on the bottom bit you just cut off and even out the entire piece of fabric.

5. Cut it into 2 strips. Each piece should be able to enclose your elastic band with some allowance.

6. Measure out your strips to fit around the top of your shirt, iron it in half, sew the ends together.

7. Attach the strip to the top of your shirt. Sew all around leaving a gap to thread the elastic through.

8.Thread your elastic through.

9. Sew the elastic together and pull into place.

10. Close the gap.

Now the sleeves. You can either have them elasticated or just as cuffs. I made them elasticated.

11. Cut off the sleeves to the length that you like.

12. Make 2 strips that will fit around each sleeve and act as cuffs. Similar to what you did for the top of the shirt. Pin them in place and sew all around. Remember to leave a gap to allow for the elastic to go through.

13. Thread your elastic pieces through each sleeve cuff. Sew the elastic together and sew up the gap.

14. Hem the bottom of the shirt. This is optional. You could leave it raw or even add more elastic to made a puffier crop.

off shoulder plaid top5

And there you have it!

A fairly simple DIY project that has minimal risk because you’re using an existing item šŸ˜‰

off shoulder plaid top3

off shoulder plaid top2LOve <3