DIY Pillow Case

pillow cases4I found some super adorbs fabrics in Spotlight when I was back in KL on vacay.

When I spotted these lovely prints, I promptly made a bee line towards them . As  I stared adoringly at the kitties and trees, I knew I had to make SOMETHING using them!

My first thought were cushion covers because of the perfectly ergonomic print of the kitty fabric that was clearly brought into the world for this purpose.

So not long after I had arrived back in the rainy town of Stavanger, did I start on some tropical cushion covers.

I decided to go for the easiest type of pillow case because who doesn’t love a simple project?


Instruction Layout - pillow cases

  1. Cut out your front piece and two back pieces that are each about 8cm longer than half of your front piece. So if your front piece is 50cmx50cm, your back pieces should be about 50cmx33cm. The length just depends on how much over lap you want. Just remember that longer is better than shorter, you can always cut it down if you decide to have less overlap.
  2. Fold and iron the hem of the back pieces. Two folds.
  3. Pin the hem in place.
  4. Sew the hem in place.
  5. Place the two back pieces on the front pieces, right sides facing each other. Pin and sew all around the pillow with the pieces in place.
  6. Turn the whole thing right side out.

pillow cases2

And there you have it! A relatively simple project to help spruce up your sofa space or bedroom for the new season!
pillow cases5pillow cases3

LOve <3