Learn to: EMBROIDERY – prepping the hoop

I have been getting into the embroidery craze recently and I must say that it’s quite therapeutic. There are just so many ways you can create a piece of art and I love how with embroidery you can choose to be free-hand and super flexible about it or be precise and very detailed about your creation. So with that in mind, I’ve decided to put up a series of ‘how to’ posts for each stage of your embroidery project.

Here is the first post and shows you how I prepare my hoop for the embroidery process.

Technically you are supposed to use the same hoop and move the hoop along your piece of fabric as you embroider the entire thing. I personally am more intrigued with the concept of using the hoop as a frame for a small piece of artwork on fabric.

So here are the instructions for prepping your embroidery hoop:


  1. Loosen the screw on top of the hoop set and separate the inner and outer hoops.
  2. Cut a piece of fabric (any cotton fabric will work – I personally like to use linen) and place it on top of your inner hoop.
  3. Place the outer hoop on top of the fabric and inner hoop.
  4. Once the hoops are in their original places, tighten the screw on top of the hoop. But not too tight yet.
  5. Pull the outer edges of the fabric to make sure the fabric in the hoop is taught. You can tighten the screw further once you’ve pulled the fabric enough.
  6. You’re ready to start free-hand embroidering or drawing your design on your piece of fabric!

Keep checking in to see some of my favourite embroidery stitches in future posts 🙂

LOve <3