DIY Masquerade Mask

One of my pole sisters had a masquerade themed party last weekend and so I figured I would DIY the masquerade mask! (unfortunately I was silly enough to leave it behind and went maskless to the party *facepalm* – but it shouldn’t go to waste!) So I documented most of the process. It’s really fairly easy and shouldn’t take you more than an hour to make!

Tools and Materials for your Masquerade Mask


  • Mask template (which  I just sketched out quickly)
  • Embroidery pen (chalk/normal pens/pencils will work too since you can just turn it around and use the other side)
  • Embellishements i.e. rhinestones, sequins, trim etc.)
  • Glue (I used a glue gun but if you have som multipurpose glue, that will work too)
  • Scissors
  • Elastic

Masquerade Mask Instructions


  1. Outline your mask onto your felt. It doesn’t have to be accurate.


2. Cut out your mask starting with the outline. Then move on to the eyes – This is easier to do if you fold the felt in half where the eye hole is and then make a little slit first before using a smaller pair of scissors to get around the outline of the eye. Then punch two holes in the corners of your mask where you will add elastic to later.


3. Start embellishing you mask with trim first. I outlined the whole mask with a gold trim. The glue gun I used doesn’t keep the glue liquid for very long so I had to do small sections at a time.


4. Now you can start embellishing the inside of your mask with rhinestones and sequins. This part was especially fun :p



5. Your mask is pretty much complete! You just have to add the little bit of elastic through the punched holes and you’re done!


A pretty damn simple masquerade mask DIY that will make halloween or any costume party a little bit fancier 😉

LOve <3