DIY Felt Christmas Decorations

christmas-decorations4With Christmas creeping around the corner I figured I should try and pretty up the apartment with some lights and Christmas decorations once again. I can also never put off the opportunity to DIY something so I figured this year I would do something in felt!

Here I’ve shown how I’ve made felt baubles and these twisty mosaic pieces.


You will need:

  • felt (I used very thick felt as there was nothing else available in the craft store in this town – thinner felt would still work for both of these)
  • glue (I used a glue bun but any multipurpose glue that works on fabric will do)
  • embellishments (I used large sew on rhinestones that were left over from a previous project)
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Something round for tracing


Instructions for Christmas Decorations:

Decoration 1


  1. Trace 4 circles from your felt
  2. Cut them out
  3. Place glue on half of one of your circles
  4. Stick an alternative colour to the glued circle
  5. Place glue on the other half of the original circle and stick another circle of the alternative colour to the other glued half
  6. Attach the last circle to the two alternative circle halves.
  7. You should now have a bauble like shape with alternating colours
  8. Start embellishing your bauble with rhinestone and sequins!
  9. Add trim to the outer edges of your bauble
  10. Your bauble is basically done
  11. Glue some string/yarn/ribbon to the top of the bauble and let dry
  12. Now it’s ready to be hung!

Decoration 2


  1. Cut out a squaare of felt – I made mine 10×10 cm
  2. Fold the square in half and make 6 even cuts to the middle. Fold it in half the other way and repeat.
  3. Using the cuts you’ve just made, cut a square out of the middle then follow the other lines and cut through two opposing corners of the square while leaving the two other opposing corners. You should have 4 ‘L’ shape cuts on two corners facing each other and the square  in the middle cut out as shown in the picture.
  4. Leaving the most inner frame, start with the middle one. Fold one corner over and place some glue on it.
  5. Fold the matching corner over and glue them together
  6. Flip the square.
  7. With the furthest frame now, fold one corner over and place some glue on it.
  8. Fold the matching corner over and glue them together.
  9. Start adding embellishments to your mosaic decoration piece.
  10. Add some strong to the top corner and you’re ready to start hanging!

Now that you have all your pieces you can start hanging all your decorative pieces to your lighting or tree!



LOve <3