DIY Bias Tape – from a square

diy bias tape finishedI have always wanted to make my own DIY bias tape, but the last time I tried, I completely failed and have avoided it like the plague until a recent project which required trim. The only difference between now and then, is that I now have a bias tape maker. It makes that last tedious bit a lot less awful. It really is just pull through and press flat when you have this little device.

bias tape makerI bought mine from the local fabric store only because I really wanted it NOW. If you’re not in a hurry I suggest buying online because it will most likely be the same thing and about a quarter of the price or a set of 4 or 5 for the same price. So I suggest ebay or something similar.

So here are series of pictures that shows how I went about doing it.

  1. I started off with a piece of square fabric about 30cxm x 30cm. You can make it as big as you like, but I think this is a nice minimum that gives you quite a bit of bias tape.
  2. Cut the square in half diagonally so you get two triangular pieces and sew them together right sides facing each other as shown bias tape
  3. Press the seam bias tape2
  4. Draw lines across the diagonal cut. The width should be double the width of your single fold bias tape, or 4 times the width of your double fold bias tape. SINGLE FOLD BIAS TAPE – when just the two raw sides are folded in. DOUBLE FOLD BIAS TAPE – when the two raw sides are folded in and the whole thing folded in bias tape3
  5. Fold the piece of fabric again to mimic a square once again. diy bias tape4
  6. Match up the lines as shown below. You should line up one corner with one line down on the other side. This will enable you to cut continuously.
    diy bias tape5 diy bias tape6
  7. Sew in place and press the bias tape7(this looks like its the wrong side, but its just the lighting in the picture. It is the right side of the fabric)diy bias tape8
  8. Now you’re ready to cut. As mentioned before, there should be one bit that sticks out on both sides and that’s where you should start bias tape9 diy bias tape10
  9. Now you should have this much bias tape11
  10. You can start feeding the long strip into the bias maker. Wrong side facing up. Once you’ve pulled it through, you can iron the ends bias tape12 diy bias tape13
  11. I would start wrapping it into storage as soon as you can as well. It helps to keep everything pressed in place.

diy bias tape finished2

And now it’s ready just for use!

LOve <3