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This page is just a list of places where I have sourced a lot of my DIY supplies over the years, both online and physically. Since starting this blog I seem to have moved around a little bit and thought a directory would be helpful in case I forget.

# My absolute favourites are highlighter in pink


Melbourne, Australia:


  • Spotlightfabric and general crafts

Found in most locations around Australia

A great place to get most supplies from. Everything from fabric, thread and trims to knitting needles and yarn to kids crafts and household items.


  • The Fabric Storefabric and a few sewing items

Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia.

I absolutely used to love coming to this store. They sell designer fabrics for very affordable prices. This is where I used to get my unique dress fabrics from. They don’t always carry a lot of stock from what I saw, but they always, always had something I wanted. Definitely a must of the younger indie crowd.


  • GJ’s discount fabricsfabric (quilting and dance fabrics)

Brunswick East, Victoria, Auatralia.

This is where I used to get all my stretchy lycra/velvet/jersey and general tulle from. If you are in need of making some leggings or anything poofy, this is the place to go. I found myself here a lot.


  • Rathdowne Fabrics & Remnantsfabric

Brunswick, Victoria, Australia.

This was not a go to place for me, but I liked to come every once in a while. They had some lovely silks and I did usually end up buying a meter of two of something when I stepped in.


  • Morris and Sonsyarn and knitting supplies

Melbourne CBD, Victoria, Australia.

My go to place for fancy yarn. Their in house brands of yarn are amazing, super soft and creates the best winter gear. They also sell a heap of other brands like Cleckheaton and Debbie Bliss which are also very good brands.


  • Tessutidesigner fabrics, sewing books and supplies

Melbourne CBD, Victoria, Australia.

Another favourite of mine. A bit of the pricey range though. I could spend hours in here and only buy one meter of the most amazing fabric, but it is where I could find the best quality lace and silks. They also sell japanese pattern books which are VERY helpful, even if the English version isn’t available! They also run workshops and classes. An all round great place.


  • Bunningshardware store

A great place to come to get all sorts of hardware pieces, adhesives and paints.

Found in many locations around Australia


  • Officeworksstationary store

Found in many locations around Australia

The largest stationary and office supply chain in Australia. Love it.


  •  Eckersleysart supply store

Melbourne CBD, Victoria, Australia.

A general art supply store that sold almost everything I needed.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

I have no spent a lot of time here since I’ve started sewing and crafting so my supply shops are greatly limited I did a lot of online shopping for supplies


  • Kamdarfabric

Stores are found all over Malaysia.

A general fabric store. They mainly stock tudung, baju kabaya and baju kurung fabrics and there are not a lot of options for other types of dress fabrics.


  • Jalan Masjid Indiastreet of fabric supply stores


  • China Town / Petaling Streetmany craft supply stores are found here


  • Nanyangart supplies

Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

My go to store during my school art class days. A general art store with most supplies.


  • Venus Art art supplies

Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Another reliable art supply store found in the city.


  • Art Friendart and crafts supply store

Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia + The Curve, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ever since moving back to Malaysia this has become my art supply go to place. They cover a lot of ground, paints, canvas, fabric paints, chalkboard spray, thread, zips, stationary, a large range of pends, stamps, random craft supplies, the list continues. Definitely a must.


  • Jakelfabric

I personally have never entered this shop, but I have heard that they carry a large range of dress fabrics.


  • Ace Hardwarehardware store

Found in a few locations around Malaysia

I come here regularly to pick up random supplies that normal art shops don’t carry. They also have neon spray paint, I repeat, neon spray paint.


  • DaisoRM5 store

Found in many locations around Malaysia

I. Frikkin. Love. Daiso.  – a great place to pick up stationary, cheap yearn and random bits and bobs.


Stavanger, Norway:


  • Stoff og Stillfabric and craft supplies

This seems to be the only large fabric store in Stavanger (or at least near the city). That aside, this place does carry quite a large range of fashion fabrics, trims and other DIY bits and bobs – I even found neoprene! Which was a nice surprise because I had yet to come across a store that stocked it.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to find anything I’m looking for here (just unfortunately at Norwegian prices :/ )

  • Søstrene Grenes – DIY and random goods

I haven’t been in Stavanger long, but this is already a favourite of mine. Cheap prices are hard to come by in Norway, which makes this Danish store so so very amazing. They sell all sorts of random kitchen ware to party goods to storage solutions to DIY supplies. Definitely a more affordable option to the other craft stores in the area. You can’t find everything that you want in this store and it doesn’t necessarily carry a large range as the goods come and go quite quickly, but if you do see something you like here, definitely don’t hesitate to snap it up.

  • Panduro HobbyCraft and hobby supplies

As the name of the store implies, a general hobby store, selling things from paint to yarn to fabric and a little but of everything under the sun. Not the cheapest you can find, but definitely a place you are likely to find whatever you are looking for.

  • Clas OhlsenElectronics, home and hardware store

This is more of a home wares store, but will sell a few things in the hardware section that you could definitely use in the DIY department. An affordable place as well if you are looking for a project to DIY up.


Knitting is a common past time for many women here regardless of age so there are quite a few yarn shops around and yarn gets sold in many hyper markets. Some places include:

  • Coop Mega
  • Spare Kjøpe
  • Europris Åsen
  • Husfliden Stavanger
  • Nøstebarn



  • Ebayit’s Ebay, nuff said.

Basically almost everything you are looking for is from China or Hong Kong, so how do we get it? Ebay. Sure you might have to wait a week for things to arrive, but so what? It’s amazing.

  • Ink and Spindleindependent designer and custom fabric and fabric printing

I love this place. The company is located in Melbourne but they have an online store. I love most of their fabrics but they are quite pricey.

  • Pickles – yarn

Norwegian based yarn store with an online store. I’ve been following their blog for over 2 years now and I just love everything they have and make. Their yarn is quite pricey, but so very pretty.

  •  Sandnes Garn – yarn

Another Norwegian based site. I’ve seen their yarn all over Stavanger and I quite like their alpakka range.


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